The Setup - Lessons Learned in the Land of 1000 Edge Cases

As citizens in the Land of A 1000 Edge Cases ( Managed Hosting ) we get to pull back the curtains on a number of environments.

Each environment comes with it's own quirks. What we work on today, might not be what we work on tomorrow. The environment that worked today, might not work the same way the very next day.

Getting to see this at scale gives us a unique insight in to deployment best practices as well as opinions on applications and services we'd like to see on every server.

In this presentation we will go through some of our best deployment practices as well as services and applications that when installed, help us dig deeper in to the ever present question of "What's going on with my server?".

This is geared towards an entry level admin or novice Linux user and aims to lend insight to the varied setups we come across in a Managed Hosting environment.

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These are the slides form my presentation.