CRIU: Time and Space Travel Service for Linux Apps

Checkpoint/Restore is a technology that allows to take a snapshot of running Linux processes and restore those processes at any other place and time. This opens various possibilities such as live migration, keeping HPC tasks safe from hardware problems, cloud services, dynamic load balancing etc. Despite being very tempting feature to have, Linux lacked one for quite a long time.

The Checkpoint-Restore In Userspace (CRIU) project is The One to make this technology real. This talk covers the project history, its dependence from and influence on the Linux Kernel, and then goes on to usage scenarios that are now real with CRIU and that will be possible in the future.

The talk will be interesting to anyone who knows Linux as user, but especially to system and distribution developers, advanced users, and anyone involved in containers, virtualization, HA or HPC. While no system or kernel level programming experience is expected from the audience, it can be of benefit at a few points.

Experience level: