Digital Preservation: Creating software that outlives its creator

Software is unrelentingly ephemeral. For a program or CMS to run, it requires an appropriate server configuration to exist, and that people with the skill set to work with that software be available. Decades old files may or may not open, and you don't necessarily expect them to. Old software dies, as its natural habit goes away. If you code, this means you will very likely live to see your best work dead and forgotten. For regular people, a lost phone or failed laptop or canceled social networking service can mean the loss of all their child's baby photos, their personal diary kept in private blog posts, and love letters exchanged by messaging.

Come get an overview of digital preservation. Learn what efforts exist on the technical end. Get an understanding of special threats presented by cloud computing and hosted software. Come and learn what efforts exist in educating the non technical public so that they are able to better maintain and preserve their digital mementos.

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