Enthusiast or Supporter, which should you choose?

When choosing your tickets this year, we have two options. It has been asked a few times what the difference is, so we wanted to clear it up.

The conference is a non-profit festival that is completely run by volunteers. We use the ticket sales and the sponsorship money to pay for all the things that happen each year and to make sure we can have an exciting event next year.

Unlike many other conferences, we do not believe that ticket levels should grant you different amounts of access. Therefore both tickets will grant you the same access to the festival expo floor, talks, and education sessions. You can purchase either ticket and see everything! The differences comes in the form of what you feel would be best to donate to help us keep making the festival a success.

There is a swag bonus, the supporter ticket does come with the conference T-Shirt. The Enthusiast ticket does not.

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