LibreOffice Tools and Tricks for Making Your Work Easier

LibreOffice is a flexible tool for dealing with a wide variety of file formats, including those proprietary formats that you'd rather avoid. Chances are good that it's in your distribution's package manager, and that it's even included in the default install. Whether you're new to LibreOffice or have been using it for years, there are number of tools and tricks that can make your work easier.

Since the creation of the LibreOffice project in 2010, we've been making a number of improvements to each of the components that make up the suite. Even if the version offered by your distro is a couple of years old, it might have some tricks up its sleeve that you didn't know existed. In fact, getting a modern version of LibreOffice might be easier than you expected!

This talk will give a brief introduction to some of the most overlooked features that LibreOffice has to offer, including:

  • The Android (and new iOS) Impress Remotes
  • Hybrid PDFs for increased interoperability
  • Command-line conversion
  • The ability to import a wide variety of document formats

    If there's time, we'll also cover the basics of installing multiple versions of LibreOffice concurrently, allowing you to test out new builds without touching your existing software.

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