Non-Coders Wanted: How to Get and Keep Non-technical Volunteers

Many distributions sorely need writers for documentation, press releases and blogging or experts on outreach, fundraising and volunteer management or a friendly pack of translators, but aren't sure how to get them. Non-coders do want to contribute to free software, but they need slightly different framing and like all contributors they thrive with the proper care and feeding. Tweaking your volunteer pitch, looking in different places, being open to different communications channels, and finding ways to appreciate folks will help immensely.

Once you've got them, letting your new non-coding contributors get on with what they're good at will help them feel invested. In this talk, I'll discuss how to set parameters for non-coding tasks so that everyone is happy. With some basic benchmarks for scheduling, accountability and volunteer empowerment, you'll be able to retain and excite your new non-coding volunteers. Want more visibility, a better user experience, nicer materials or more well-organized events for your distro? Start bringing in folks with the skills and enthusiasm to make it happen!

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