A Simple, Single-System Private Cloud with Kimchi

Kimchi is an HTML5 web-based virtualization platform created with ease of use and good design in mind. It is perfect for any small organization that wants to create their own private cloud without a virtualization expert.

Kimchi is a young project, and was recently selected as an oVirt incubator project. Though relatively new, Kimchi is feature-rich and fast-growing. Current features include:

- Single-rpm install
- Intuitive, HTML 5 user portal
- Live, graphical host statistics
- Host power management
- Host package management
- Network management
- Storage management
- Template-based virtual machine creation
- Remotely stream ISOs for templates
- Auto-configured Spice or VNC console

It's months away from being business-ready, so come learn about Kimchi and why you should consider contributing!

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