Title: The Cloud^H^H^H^H^HDevOps Milieu

We all know that cloud is a big deal, and cloud-native
production cultures like DevOps are increasing in interest and maturity.
Wide-spread market-adoption of all this cloud fun is slowly creaking out
beyond the hoodie-festooned set, a trend we rabidly follow at 451 Research.
This short talk with provide a brief baseline of where we are with cloud and
DevOps as seen through the analyst lens of end-user surveys, market
observations, and plane old screw-ball analyst-think. It wraps up with a "so
what?" to motivate folks to chase that "software is eating the world" unicorn

This is a "living" presentation that I'm doing this year so it will be
updated with fresh data each time. The original version is here:

I'm not sure it matches what you guys want - maybe too "suit" for y'all.

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